(Photo: Getty, Photo Illustration: Robert A. Di Ieso/Vocativ)

(Photo: Getty, Photo Illustration: Robert A. Di Ieso/Vocativ)

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How ISIS Turned Looting Into Big Business ISIS’ takeover of the Syrian city of Palmyra, an ancient oasis and UNESCO world heritage site, has archeologists and national security experts holding their breath over the fate of the city’s ancient art and antiquities. June 2, 2015, Vocativ

EXCLUSIVE: Boston’s Wannabe Beheader ‘Liked’ ISIS Enough to Kill Before he was shot and killed by police on Tuesday, Usaama Rahim “liked” the Islamic State of Iraq and allegedly planned to murder cops. June 3, 2015, The Daily Beast

EXCLUSIVE: ’In private Facebook conversations, Usaama Rahim called for death to those “defaming the religion of Islam or the Prophet Muhammad.” When Usaama Rahim was a teenager, he didn’t like his name. “My name is Usaama, but don’t call me that,” he told a friend who knew Rahim well throughout his late teens and early twenties. “I like going by Rahim.” June, 6, 2015, The Daily Beast

Inside the Mind of Usaamah Rahim Susan Zalkind discusses her exclusive interview with a social media friend of the Boston terror suspect killed by police he allegedly attacked, who claims to have witnessed his radicalization. Jun 11, 2015, interview on NECN

ISIS Art Looting and Usama Rahim Domestic Terrorism with Susan Zalkind June 11, 2015, interview on The Lip TV

LOOSE LIPS: Inside Boston’s ISIS ‘Conspiracy’ With more arrests in Boston following the shooting of Usaama Rahim, it’s still unclear how much ISIS was really involved. June, 13, 2015, The Daily Beast

TERROR WANNABE: ISIS Sting...or FBI Catfishing? Alex Ciccolo was arrested after weeks of talking to an FBI agent he thought would sell him weapons for a terror attack—and who likely knew he was mentally ill. June 14, 2015, The Daily Beast

CALL TO HARM: How ISIS’s ‘Attack America’ Plan Is Working The terrorist group’s sophisticated social-media campaign is reaching its audience in the United States. What it does next has law enforcement worried. June 22, 2015, The Daily Beast

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FACELESS: This Is What the Government Thinks an ISIS Fighter Looks Like New research shows a striking profile of a domestic ISIS fighter: median age, citizenship, and even footprint on social media. But knowing a suspect’s race, the study says, simply won’t help. June 26, 2015, The Daily Beast

DA: FBI agent, Boston officer justified in shooting terror suspect Usaamah Rahim, More than a year after Usaamah Rahim was shot to death by an FBI agent and a Boston police officer in a Roslindale parking lot, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley has announced that his office will not be pursuing criminal charges against the agent and officer who shot him. August 24, 2016, Boston.com