Susan Zalkind is an independent journalist and writer based in Boston, Massachusetts. She covers courts and crime, breaks news and writes investigative features. Her reporting for This American Life and Boston magazine on an unsolved triple murder and FBI shooting was hailed as "blistering" by Rachel Maddow, and listed as one of the best stories of the year by Longform.org and Longreads. Her in-depth, high–profile trial coverage includes United States v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, State of NH v. Owen Labrie, Commonwealth of MA v. Michelle Carter, and Commonwealth of MA v. Michael McCarthy. She is a New England correspondent for The Guardian, The Daily Beast, and VICEShe has appeared on CNN, NBCMSNBC, BBC, and is a regular guest on NECN’s The Take.

Susan Zalkind is currently writing a book about her investigation into a triple homicide in Waltham, Massachusetts, forthcoming with Little A. For updates sign up to her mailing list.

Email: susanzalkind at gmail.com
Twitter: @susanzalkind

Portraits taken by Nafis Azad in Elsa Dorfman's studio.