Organized Crime

James "Whitey" Bulger's white sneakers displayed at an auction held by the US marshals office

James "Whitey" Bulger's white sneakers displayed at an auction held by the US marshals office

Boston Stops the Turf War That Almost Killed Bobby Brown: Nearly four dozen alleged associates of one of Boston’s most notorious gangs were finally arrested this week, two decades after bullets riddled a car owned by Whitney Houston because of a Columbia Point Dawgz turf war. June, 24, 2015, The Daily Beast

Black Mass: the glamorization of Whitey Bulger muddles an already murky story Johnny Depp’s performance as Boston mobster Whitey Bulger has earned rave reviews – but with unreliable narrators and a penchant to place style over substance, what does the film get wrong? September 18 2015, The Guardian

T shooting victim was a known gang member, police investigating possible feud between rival gangs: A law enforcement source with knowledge of the case identified the shooting victim and intended target as Mauricio Ordaz, 29, a known affiliate of Boston’s 18th Street gang. January 20, 2016,

Feds ‘dismantle’ violent street gang MS-13 in early morning raids: Gang members are suspected of committing five murders, federal officials said. January 29, 2016,

How violent street gang MS-13 operates in Massachusetts: “Mata, viola, controla’’ -- kill, rape, control -- is their motto. January 29, 2016,

Law enforcement moved 16-year-old out of Chelsea before his brutal murder: 
Court records indicate MS-13 gang members kidnapped the teen and murdered him in East Boston after he assisted authorities in his own stabbing investigation. April 6, 2016,

Charges dropped against man accused in MS-13 murder case: Marvin Melgar was initially charged with murdering Christofer de la Cruz in a federal gang sweep, but his case has since been dismissed. April 6, 2016,

Man wrongfully charged in brutal MS-13 murder is one step closer to freedom: Marvin Melgar’s attorney said his client’s wrongful arrest in a MS-13 gang sweep could be grounds for asylum. April 7, 2016,

Inside MS-13’s secret initiation rituals and internal feuds: Court records shed light on the inner-workings of the violent street gang along the East Coast. April 21, 2016,

Whitey Bulger's guns, rings and cat paraphernalia net more than $100,000  It could have been the final scene of a horror flick or an episode of Hoarders. June 26, 2016, The Guardian

Alleged Boston gang associate gets 8 years—but his sentence could increase Assistant District Attorney John A. Wortman Jr. sais Travis Windley is associated with the Lucerne Street Doggz, a local Boston gang. July 6, 2016,

Authorities: MS-13 gang founder in Massachusetts sentenced, July 13, 2016,

Alleged La Cosa Nostra associates charged with extortion Men with ties to the Italian mafia allegedly threatened to decapitate the owner of a Springfield towing business and bury his body. August 4, 2016,

Alleged one-time leader of Springfield Latin Kings sentenced The man prosecutors say was once known as the “Inca” of the Springfield Latin Kings gang has been sentenced to 20 months in prison and three years of supervised release for distributing 300 bags of heroin. August 10, 2016,

Authorities: Former ‘enforcer’ of Mass. Latin Kings sentenced A man prosecutors say was the former “enforcer” of the Massachusetts Latin Kings was sentenced for selling cocaine and illegally possessing a firearm Thursday in U.S. District Court in Springfield. August 18, 2016,