Massachusetts v. Michael McCarthy



Facebook's Baby Doe Baffles Cops  A sketch of the face of the toddler found dead on a Massachusetts island has been seen 47 million times on Facebook. So why can’t police identify her? July 9, 2015, The Daily Beast

EXCLUSIVE Police Arrest Baby Doe's Alleged Killer The toddler found in a bag on an island has a name. Her mother’s boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, has been charged with her murder. September 18, 2015, The Daily Beast

Naming Baby Doe: Investigating the Death of Bella Bond September 18, 2015  interview on NECN

How Could The State Not Know Baby Doe? With two visits for neglect and two previous children taken away from Rachelle Bond, how could Massachusetts’ Department of Children and Families not have recognized Bella Bond? September 19, 2015, The Daily Beast

Baby Doe Parents Kept Quiet After Murder Bella Bond’s mom only ’fessed up when dad knocked on her door. Neither of them called the cops. September 21, 2015, The Daily Beast

Bella Bond 9.25.15, interview on Tokudane! Fuji Television Network in Japan

Will We Ever Know Why A Dead Toddler Was Found In A Bag On A Beach In Boston Harbor? The case of two-and-a-half-year-old Bella Bond's tragic death makes for a glimpse into a dark world of addiction, madness, demonology, and neglect. January 19, 2016, VICE

Rachelle Bond attorney attempts to bolster case of  'coercion' Rachelle Bond’s attorney is trying to build a case that her client was coerced, and under the control of Michael McCarthy, her child’s alleged killer. July, 16, 2016,

Was Mom of Murdered Baby Doe Under Boyfriend's Spell? Prosecutors say Michael McCarthy killed Bella Bond and her mother can prove it. The defense says she can’t be trusted after living with her dead daughter. May, 25, 2017, The Daily Beast

Bella Bond Murder Trial Opening Arguments May 30, 2017, interview on NECN

'Baby Doe' Trial Underway In Boston May 30, 2017, interview on WBUR

Baby Doe Trial: Accused Killer 'Loved Infowars,' Though Child Was Possessed Witnesses in the Bella Bond trial say her accused killer was heavy into conspiracy theories and Alex Jones—and that he once locked the little girl in a closet because of ‘demons.’ June 2, 2017, The Daily Beast

Bella Bond's Mother Cross-Examined In Murder Trial June 5, 2017, interview on WBUR

How Heroin Kills Kids Without Even Touching Them The tragic case of Bella Bond exposes how overwhelmed Massachusetts is by the opioid crisis, and how children of addicts are falling through the cracks. June 7, 2017, The Daily Beast

Jury Begins Deliberation In Bella Bond Murder Trial June 20, 2017, interview on WBUR

Baby Doe Killer Convicted But Her Mother Walks Free Michael McCarthy was found guilty of killing Bella Bond. His defense says prosecutors cut a deal with the devil—her motherJune 26, 2017, The Daily Beast